Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
 The College keeps its admission process open to entrants on the basis of the candidates' performances at the HS (+2) examination subjects choice aided by counseling. After the completion of the admission process the college starts teaching-learning process. The departmental heads routinize the course materials in consultation with other teachers in the respective departments and submit the copy to the principle as well as communicate the students about the routinization of the course materials.
 The college tries best to utilize 217 teaching learning days per academic year,and delivers the full syllabus contents. If some of the teaching days are reduced owing to some incidental factors,the teachers take special class to round off the contents of the syllabi.
 Supplementary to the lecture method,the college also follows a method "learning by doing" by the learners. The students are given home assignments on topics taught in the classes. This method involved learners' active participation in the learning process. The teachers' involvement in the discussion and correction of the answers prepared by the students serve as the teacher taught pliable axis. The lecture method is also supplemented by group discussion,seminars,fields trips and project work. Charts models maps slides projector blackboard are used as teaching aids for making the teaching lively and dynamic. Recently computers have been installed in the department of Physics,Mathematics and commerce in order to up date the teaching learning reciprocation.
  The college institutes quality checks in the form of (a) students, assessment of classroom teaching,(b) teachers, self-appraisal report, (c) subjects wise analysis of the University results, (d) periodic staff meetings (e) faculty improvement programmes.
  The college follows the pattern of University examination system. In the recent past,University was holding examinations in two phases: Part-I examination at the end part of 2nd year and part-II at the end part of the 3rd year. But recently the University has modified the pattern of examination system. From the year-2006 it is holding examination in three phases at the end of each academic session : Part-I,part-II,part-III in addition the college holds classes tests and semester internal examination instead of annual examinations. The class test enabled the teacher not only to difference the slow learners from the advanced learners but also to make effective use of tutorial system. The tutorial classes enable the teachers to make incentive care of the slow learners and remedy their deficiencies in a planed orderly manner. The semester examination go to enrich and regularize the teaching learning process and internal evolution process of the college.
  The college does not enjoy any freedom in respect of recruitments of the permanent teachers. The Governing body of the college recruits permanent teachers on the basis of recommendation of the West Bengal College Service Commission. Keeping in mind the competence and credentials of the academic staff,the Governing body accepts the recommendation of the commission. That the colleges gives much importance to the competence and credentials of the academic staff is evidence by the teachers holding PhD degree(24) & M.Phil degree (14).However the college has freedom and resources to appoint and pay temporary teachers for manning the understaffed departments. The temporary teachers are appointed by the G.B on the basis of the recommendation of the selection committee,constitute as per B.U states.
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